Our Philosophy

We start with two areas
from which to offer help

One from a
muscular viewpoint

and the other from the
energy aspect

The muscular belief is that knots and tightness requires a certain degree of focus in order to bring relief.

Although each therapist may use a slightly different approach to help the concept is that it may require
some discomfort in order to feel better.

This type of focus requires a balance called the "Good Ache" range limit to help bring the most effective release.
That balance is found with input from you.
(See Pressure Range, Muscle Sensitivity)

Some of the energy modalities
approaches the body from the
viewpoint that a healthy
balance can be achieved
with clearing the energy
"channels" which, when
blocked, can lead to
other internal problems.

Other energy modalities has shown a corresponding correlation with other areas of the body that when worked on help bring relief to a different part of the body.

There is at times heat emanating from the therapists hands which some say is drawing from the greater energy around us.

As therapists we learn. As healers we give.

Our hopes and wishes are to help provide relief
from your pains and problems.

To help bring back a happier you.