And do these little creature show evidence
that we may have been visited by Alienz

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Pecan Bugs

Back before time of times
  Before animals touched the earth
    There was already life galore
When insects ruled the earth
  Had wings and controlled the skies
    And in numbers they ruled the floor

But for each type that existed
  there was also an antagonist
So that was where I started
  Searching for my protagonist

For something that was
  a little sweet and nutty
But also a little sour
  to turn his enemy to putty

And then I found
  the antidote to that
    humming little bug
Saying “Bah” as it goes by
  As it scurries and crawls
    under the rug

I stumbled and discovered
  these playful little bugs
    and not a humbug to be found
With chocolate kisses
  and crystals on their legs
    These little guys could rule the mound

And even though
  the humbugs can be quite large
    and have a lot of power
These little bugs
  would stand ground and gather
    until they created a tower

Now I’m proud to announce
  It’s finally here
    A new day dawns
Cause like I always say
  Everything goes better
    with Pecans

Just remember
  Never give up trying
    Like a pecan bug at play
Because there’s always
  a different way
    to keep the humbugs at bay

                        Leo Atreides