Muscle Sensitivity

Every person has a pressure range that they enjoy the
most. This not only varies
from person to person
but also from time to time.

You might find that extra work or stress has caused the muscles to react to the degree that you can only handle only a fraction of the pressure you normally like. It's at this time and others that a person may allow too much pressure.
See FAQ-What is the right pressure range for me?

Muscle sensitivity, which can be anywhere from slight to severe, can account for the amount of time spent on the spot and surrounding areas. For instance the same person might encounter a broader area worked on from one treatment to another.

This is due to the extra build up of knots and tightness as well as pain that requires more work to bring a release to the area.

But you need to listen to what your body wants at the time.

This is one of the key elements that helps determine what your treatment will consist of.