My sweet daughter
  Do you remember the day
Climbing the mountain
  I let you choose the way

I followed your lead
 as we went off the path
I saw no danger
  but this was before the wrath

For even though seven
  you had just turned
To Captain the trip
  part of you yearned

I thought a good lesson
  could be learned from small peril
Another way to take steps
    away from the feral












 For one day you’ll choose
  which path to take
Revealing how far
  and for what sake

One has more hazards
  a side falls to a chasm
The other way is wide
  and contains no ransom

Read the lay of the land
  and see to where it leads
Remember the land changes
  by your actions and deeds

For the time draws near
  I just didn’t know
    by how close
To find your own true path
     how to hold the Rose

Leo Atreides