Kendra my daughter
       Today is very special
              This is your day
Today you are six
       Candles to blow out
              and games to play

I’ve watched you grow
       from a small bud
              into a rare flower
                     and you’ve grown so tall
The sun comes out
       whenever you smile
              A gift from your heart
                     that you share with all

Let me tell you of a princess
       with long beautiful hair
              floating in the wind   
A Princess named Kendra
       her open caring heart
              hardly knowing sin

Her light shines bright
      you can see it in her smile
She shows me things
      I haven’t seen in a while

And when she finds a place
      that’s not always fair
            A place that times
                  can make one cry
I’ll show her
      that we live in a small castle
            near the hill of a dragon
                  where small angels fly





She helps me laugh and smile     
      whenever I may seem
            a little down or blue
Singing her favorite songs
      on a stage that holds no coffee
            for an audience of two

As I show her
      a place full of magic
            where laughs are free
She shows me
      a place in her heart
           saved just for me

I was given something wonderful
      A gift heaven sent
Words barely describe
      this treasure I was lent

In words and actions
      I’ll thank God everyday
For the sweetest of angels
      sent my way

Leo Atreides


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