Let me tell you of a quest
  for healing waters
    Clues passed through word
I’ve lived there for years
  Protecting my family
    It’s true what we’ve heard

Learning forgotten secrets
  kept by the royal elite
Unable to keep a spark
  Potential still incomplete

But now the time has come
  to turn silver into gold
Because this protector fights
  more than just a cold

A golden liquid subduing
  infections on the skin
Something you can also drink
  to help work from within

Like a coat of armor
  keeping invaders at bay
Defending from forces
  that are hidden away

A wise man showed me
  a slightly different path
Now the cost is quite mild

1 full teaspoon*
  3 times a day
    when your body’s a wreck
To boost the immune
  1 teaspoon a day*
    will help keep things in check

Drawing a pure essence
  from a primordial river
A golden liquid everyone hails
  as Colloidal Silver

                              Leo Atreides

* Old recomendations - As of Feb. 2020 I have been taking 4-6 ounces daily.

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