Learn to make and see Free 3D. Also called Side-by-Side, Cross Eye or (x) viewing. You can learn how to see with the methods and techniques on the next page as well as learn the history of Free 3D in an educational video. Next Page

And you can also see how easy it is to make you own 3D Videos and Pictures. Details below.

Free 3D once had difficulties learning, like Magic Eye, but now 95% can now see with our new viewers. Recently developed and offered on Kickstarter. And even though it wasn't a giant succes we have begun production with the new addition of in-house 3D printing capabilities.

Also developed are our new GoPro Mounts for easy recording (No 3D Rigging Needed). Just a wireless remote and the free software, GoPro Studio. Learn how with our new tutorial video.

We have decided to give away the files on Thingiverse to allow anyone to create, either for personal or for small business.
(Coming soon a make your paper version video)

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Mini Training Viewer

Full Viewer

GoPro Mount