When I met # 46
    I didn’t know what to think
Something so different
    yet something the same

Instead of harm or indifference
    someone doing their part
To bring things closer together
    instead of further apart

Giving to countless front lines
    Almost childlike
        with a grin small and shy
So why this had to happen
    No one really knows why

He thought of the Earth
    and the sky and plants
His castle the proof
    of his kindness and stance

Never meaning harm
    Just hard to understand
He just saw problems
    and tried to give a hand






     so much
        More than I ever would
Facets so many
    to see all
        No one person could

I call him 46
    cause that was how
        He met most of you
His name is Alfred Cohen
    and for the battles he fought
        He deserves his due

So here’s to you
    "He never gave up
        and he fought to the end
            Only the world he tried to fix"
Some who knew him
    called him SIR ALFRED
        The rest of you know him
           as Murder Victim # 46

Leo Atreides