Traveling down the only road
  I’ve hardly ever known
Showing how things grew
  with the seeds that were sown

I came across a man
 who was once a high knight
For his will persevered
  with an unquenching light

A man with honor 
  and pride unexclaimed
As his pains are shrouded
   and left unexplained

The tip of the iceberg
  The only thing to witness
As he showed to others
  from the will comes fitness

Then I met a small lady
  who brought the world aid
Now she wears a simple dress
  with both sparkle and fade

With a soft spoken voice
  she addressed the committee
Saying things unchanged
  would be more the pity


She spoke of grave problems
  Barely knowing sustenance
While the only thing helping
  lay so near to the fence

Watching her shine come out
  to just enjoy a meal
Is only a small part
  of this humane deal

As a healer of past tradition
  Close to those in my charge
I do what little I can
  But the problem is too large

So I beseech the council
  with my friends to find pity
Cause there are so many more
  just within our city

For to bring someone help
  there should not be a doubt
What those with power
  should do with their clout

The sequential decision
  is really quite clear
Find stillness within
  So all may truly hear

Leo Atreides

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Poem given to each New Mexico representative in 2006 legislative session asking for Medical Marijuana.

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