I once dreamt
  of a dark and starless sky
Feeling myself fall
  as my wings tried to fly

Everything has a reason
   Who are we to question
The wonders life brings
  to show our daily lesson

From dark to sight
  then blind anew
The vision is gone
  before I know true

The things one remembers
  only in a dream
Weren’t always meant to be
  exactly as they seem

Reliving simple days
  Precious time held dear
Things are sometimes cruel
  Their lesson too severe

Life will sometimes twist
  and at other times turn
A facet to be seen
  Something we must learn

Have you ever seen
  a Star in the making
The pressure and heat
  Futurity forsaking

The nebulae forms
  and begins the fire
Sweeping away dust
  The heat gets higher

Breaking through the clouds
  the shine comes through
Showing us the heart
  is of a Hot Blue

I had a bad dream
  of a starless sky
And deep down inside
  I wanted to cry

Leo Atreides