The bars all around
          Who knows from where
     Hearing cries echo
          Pulling out hair

     Feeling all alone
          in a cold blue sea
     Looking all around
          All I see is me

          you couldn’t hear the words
              A beast called ANGER
                   roaring in your ear
     But couldn’t you
          feel my fear ?
              My eyes and heart
                   showing I’m sincere

    I didn’t understand
          You think that I did
     Knowing deep inside
          I’m only a kid

     I did it for love
          Can you understand ?
     I did it to carry
          your kiss in my hand








     Could you hear me saying
          "Please Forgive Me"
              as the door closed
                   to deafened ears
     Unable to hear the words
          "I'm very sorry"
              But couldn’t your heart
                   still feel my tears

    The Bars all around
          Who put them there
     Remember a time
          without a care ?

     For many those days
          are a long ways away
     For some they left
          while learning to play

     Some can not find the words
          They have to ad-lib
     Because for them it all ended
          while still in a crib

     Days long gone
          Another Place
              Another Time
     Small little hands
          touching the sublime

Leo Atreides