Have you seen worthless ?
   In what guise ?
      Through which door ?
Countless windows
   Too many tunnels
      This place with no floor

Some come in the daze still written
   as they dream of a better place
Others come in kicking and fighting
   A silent scream on their face

Some walk through a door
   led by others
      attached by a string
         eyes made of stone
Others come heads bent low
   with rattling chains
      Hounded by voices
         Walking all alone

Through another
   they come with questions
      “Why ?” seems the prevalent one
A shout to the windows
   “ I thought
      I would always be your son”

From another come those who are not
   No apparent ropes as they come quietly
      But their life foretells the bringing of shame
Dreaming of mountains and clouds
   But no rains makes a place without rivers
      Leaving the children nothing to claim

So please nay welcome
   to this pit
      where things are hidden
I may not know the future
   But I do know
      where I have been

And I know there is a door
   different from the rest
      One that leads outside
I’ll keep searching
   but it moves around
      and plays seek and hide

There is one door I won’t touch
   One I found I could lock
      The key hidden in the dust
         A door that won’t open anymore
It’s a small little door
   hidden behind boulder and rock
      From which pass the children
         to this place without a floor

Leo Atreides