I am a Dream
  I am a Tree
Look around the world
  How far do you see ?

Look to the Past
  Look to the Future
When will we care
  for every single creature ?

Footprints we are leaving
  bigger than the dinosaur
It’s time to go back
  Time to find the core

The world is growing
  to 7 billion strong
How long will it take
  to see we were so wrong ?

We were given so much
  It’s time to give back
The world is in peril
  We can’t deny facts


The world is askew
  and has taken a shift
And we were the ones
  to tear open the rift

The way may be hard
  The road may be lean
But we have to think further
  than what is currently seen

I am a Tree
  I am a Dream
Please, just take what’s needed
  to help repair the seam

                                  Leo Atreides

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