She walks in a dream
  She floats in reality
Looking for a friend
  For comfort and serenity

Show me
  she whispers
    gently in his ear
Show me
  my friend
    what you hold so dear

The gentleman
  opens a small door
    with a slight bow
       and a small smile
She walks in a room
  and finds a wonderland
    Seeing his children
      had been there for a while

Show me
  she calls
    The strength in her voice
The truth
  will help me
    respect your choice

Staring at the tiled floor
  he carefully opens the door
    You see it on his face
Something he must do
  for something undone
    Humble shame wafted from this place

Show me
  she sings
    of the places you dream
      the thoughts you have
        the world you see
She saw a place
  of lights and shadows
    Of where he wants to go
      his world
        and how he wants to be

She sees one more door
  and the man in front
    is joking and laughing
“What is in there ?”
  she asks the caricature
    “Same as out here.”
      he says while coughing

“No need to go in.” he says with a big grin
    “If we don’t open it, that won’t be a sin”
“Please” she says looking into his eyes
    “Will you open it for me ?”

He then begins to say something funny.
She stops him in mid sentence with a finger to his mouth.
“Show me” she asks.

With a tilt of his head
  the smile drips from his lips
    realizing this might never end.

He turns and pulls with all his might as the vaulted door slowly opens. As he turns to open the curtain to black his hair parts and reveals the chain of a mask

Inside the long room she sees a little boy sitting on the floor staring at the wall. And next to him a large full length mirror. She walks up to him.
“Hello” she says in a soft voice.
He turns his head just a little and then returns to the gazing at the wall.
Taking a long breath he says “why did you come here ?” with a sigh as if in regret.
She opens her mouth but before she can answer he says
“Whatever you’re seeking you won’t find it here”
“How do you know what I do and do not seek ?” she asks slowly.
“I don’t,” he responds “but this I know is true. No one likes to see the person before you. The jester in front keeps most people entertained, even those that want in.”
“Then why did he let me in ?” she wonders out loud not expecting an answer.
She looks closely at the wall and sees a surprise. What she thought were crowded spirals, swirls, and lines on a blank wall were thoughts and ideas written small and fine.

“Why won’t you turn and face me ?” she asks.
“Because the mirror whispers to me things that are so true and it won’t leave me alone. It shows me that I’m blind and that what I see is really untrue. It shows me my ugliness and of the things that are blue. It just doesn’t know when to stop.” He exclaimed as he covered his ears. “ But I have to still listen for it does sometimes speak the truth. I just don’t know how much and what is the real true truth. I try to hear the clues.
She grabs the mirror and faces it towards the wall as she pushes it up snug to the wall to let the words do the gazing.

Then a little girl turns around and kneels next to the blind boy.
    She places his ear onto her chest
“What do you hear now ?” she tells him as she kisses his head.
    “I hear the ocean and birds.” he said softly.
“And what do you see ?” she says lending him her eyes.
    “ A place without walls.” He said with amazement.