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Did Leonardo Da Vinci and other artists create paintings in 3D ?!?

A Treasure Hunt you can do from home.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (April 21, 2020) - Why would Leonardo create 3D paintings in Italy back in the 15th century and then not tell anyone? Is it possible it was going to be revealed upon release of his Grand Book after his death that sadly went unpublished with most of his papers now lost through time? Could this be another of his many secrets that we are just now finding, like his writings of the telescope before it was invented? And is it possible he left hidden items/messages similar to movie easter eggs to be found years later like the hidden bird found on the hand of the Madonna in the "Virgin of the Rocks"??

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It began in 2014 with a report from researchers in Germany claiming that 2 similar paintings of the Mona Lisa are actually a pair made to be viewed in 3D. But this was scoffed at by top experts and even Wikipedia states the Mona Lisa pair "gives no reliable stereoscopic depth" as is found on their webpage.

But a gentleman by the name of Leo Atreides was convinced that the Mona Lisa was created in 3D because he could see differences that would only come together and align in 3D. A viewer-free 3D known as crossview that requires no glasses to see (Similar to Magic Eye) and he believes this may be why Leonardo left no glasses or viewers as evidence. And Mr Atreides also believes this could be a new technique used to help verify unauthenticated paintings by the great masters.

Mr. Atreides was positive the Mona Lisa's could be seen in 3D and he decided to look at other paintings by Leonardo da Vinci with this thought "If anyone was to make this discovery it would be the genius Leonardo." And what Mr. Atreides found was a rabbit hole that he is still falling down to this day. Because now Mr. Atreides claims not only did Leonardo make paintings in 3D like the "Madonna of the Yarnwinder" and "Leda and the Swan" but that he even made a 3D painting pair of the Last Supper. 2 versions of the Last Supper was discovered by Prof. Jean-Pierre Isbouts and Christopher Heath Brown in their book "Young Leonardo" but going unnoticed at the time were the slight differences that would align and come together when viewed in crossview. And now Mr. Atreides also states that "Not only did Leonardo make paintings to be seen in 3D but there is also evidence other great artists knew of the technique/secret."

Mr. Atreides shares his evidence so you can judge for yourself and has already released the first three videos in the series "Leonardo da Vinci : Down the Rabbit Hole"

and he also shares more with Sketch-Overlay-Detail comparisons in his companion book

And now you can search from Home thanks to ART UK, similar websites, and museums sharing painting databases. Online you can start searching for versions that may have been mislabeled for years like those found in "Fake or Fortune" and "Britain's Lost Masterpieces". (Note: some episodes have a few comparisons of copies/versions that can be viewed in 3D but this was done unknowingly and some paintings were not given the correct artist credit.)

Find out how easy it is to learn the crossview technique also called Free-3D by visiting the "Leonardo da Vinci : Down the Rabbit Hole" video series and you will find a crossview tutorial is also included in the lineup.

Or visit the website at for more info/links.

And who knows, you just may have an undiscovered masterpiece hanging on your wall.