Walking through the desert
  I found a blind man
In one hand a staff
   the other a silver can

He had a smile on his face
  As he looked to the sky
The dust on his face
  Showed the creeks were dry

With the dust and rags
  I could not tell
    if he was young or old
But standing in the heat
  In the sun
     I saw he was still cold

What are you doing
  way out here ?
    Why do you smile ?
        What do you seek ?
Hush and be still
  he said with a hand
    And then out came
       the small and meek

The longer we stood still
  the more they gathered around
The silent desert began to rustle
  as we saw the life to be found

He clapped his hands
   Everything disappeared
      Sound diminished to hums
“"Find shelter if you need"”
   He said to me
     "For the rain it soon comes"

Why the desert  I asked
      for a man who is blind ?
What is it here
    that you think you will find ?

He spoke low and said
  I came seeking a mountain
     that lives in a mirage
But first I had to leave
  the place I grew out
      because of the barrage

I could not differentiate
    between fact and fiction
It is here I believe
    that began the addiction

I had to rid myself
  of the things I conceded
To uncover the core
  before it completely receded

The blind man turned and I saw
   as he looked me in the eye
     The smile he gave
      crossed the hype and veneer
I can see everywhere except here
   But I believe it’s here
     one day
       I’ll look over my shoulder
        and the mirage won’t disappear

Leo Atreides