My love for you
  began in the sand
As you drew a line
  and put out your hand

And for 30 days
  the sun and moon never set
Showing with mere actions
  what my lips would not let

And then came the day
  where love was put to test
When I was asked to leave
  And put feeling to rest

And as the clouds gathered
  I crossed back over that line
Then the storm hit and pelted
  with hail of ice and lime

Back to the desert of blue
  worse than before
No more shadows of you
  falling on my door

I waited in the sand
  by that line you drew
The two paths ahead
  and I still hadn’t a clue

Then you came and tried
  to wipe the line away
As you drew another one
  saying “Here’s another way”

I think that is where
  I fumbled and mistook
As I crossed the two lines
  the ground trembled and shook

My love
  I tried to show
    I tried to prove
But we
  continued to rut
    and deepen the groove

And instead of a canvas for two
  we began drawing different pictures
Showing our perceptions, our fears
  Speaking of hurtful creatures

And so where is the truth?
  when old discoveries kept popping up
Where is the trust?
  when things were kept hidden and locked up

That was when I looked behind
  to see the lines in the sand
So I went back home
  to my world and my land

I asked you to trust in me
  To visit my land
    To just cross the sand
To believe in me
  have faith in me
    To just give me your hand

For 2 years I tried your world
  and for 2 weeks you tried mine
So is the proof in the pudding?
  or is it found in the line?

So what is love
  but just lines in the sand
As I stand at the first
  Holding out my hand

Leo Atreides