Where are we going?
  What are we doing?
Why is the world
  slowly ungluing?

Was it true blindness?
  Or was it bold arrogance?
It is now 11:37
  No pardon for the sentence

The clues are all out there
  Just look past the fake
We are the new buffalo
  that makes the earth quake

But we are the lost tribe
  for allowing them to herd us
But if you saw as the wise
  They are unable to hurt us

Allowing corporations
  to rape and plunder
Overtaking the system
  stealing our thunder

But we still have time
  We have to believe
Or til the last straw
  we'll continue to decieve

Ask the elderly
  if this is the land of the free
Ask them to tell
  of how things used to be

I see two paths ahead
  One bold for the weak
While the easier one
  has chains for the meek

Where will you be
  if the clock strikes twelve?
Where on earth
  will you be able to dwelve?

When the eviction notice
  comes for the children
    Will we continue to hoard
      and stand on the fence
Or will we find that
  even with heaven
    and all our brain power
      we lost our common sense

Leo Atreides