Michael, What can I say
  that has not been repeated
10,000 times before
  Leaving a throne unseated

You gave to the world
  your heart and voice
And as to the rest...
  You had no choice

I am so sorry to say
  I was not your friend
Because I was silent
  and did not defend

And to what is fact
  and what is real
And what was deceit
  Just part of the deal

With stories bouncing
  through the media troops
Each one searching for
  the deepest of scoops

We sat back and laughed
  as they made jokes
Now I've learnt more
  and seen how it chokes

Can you imagine
  the treasures we lost ??
His castle attacked
  The seclusion it cost

And the sorrow he felt
  til the very end
When he saw the world
  was no longer his friend

Leo Atreides

Did Michael Jackson have Asperger's
Syndrome ??

Like Einstein, Lewis Carroll, and Tesla
each talented in their own field.

Each reaching the peak of their field and making changes in the world.

Each one also afflicted with idiosyncrasies that made relationships hard and life more difficult.

Another correlation,
they all had a love for children and they thought of the world as a whole.

Wiki-Answers has a view of symptoms with both pro and con.

A doctor who met Micheal claims to have seen many symptoms of AS.

A women with Asperger's view about Michael and AS

One of the least pointing but the most
poignant towards a connection

Even Alienz love Micheal !!