There I was floating
  thinking I knew these waters
When a mermaid appeared
  showing me the side of others

Seeing differences
  we begin to talk
    as one understands
Seeing similarities
  in both our hearts
    as well as our hands

“Take my hand” she said
  “I’ll show you such wonders”
To believe more than ephemeral
  was to be one of my blunders

To the depths we went
  Oh, the treasures I saw
    and the things I heard
I saw a healing siren
  singing to the crowd
    walking among the cured

The song she sang
  opened up a steel door
Reminding me a of place
  that I knew from before

I saw such beauty
  looking through her eyes
My world gone gray
  with no time for the whys

“Must you go ?” she asked
  I thought my lungs needed air
“You just have to believe
  and let go” she said with a dare

“Believe in butterflies
  swimming in the ocean
and the things that come
  from a simple wings motion”

“Follow the heart
  for the mind can deceive
It’s not in what you think
  but what you can believe”

The things that she shared
  one never forgets
Heart of a jewel
  A sun the never sets

Barely skimming the surface
  I thought I knew this place
But I didn’t know
  how the heart could race

Every once a blue moon
  I still dream
    of a time when time ran
When a mermaid beckoned
  for my hand
    and I was her merman

Leo Atreides