One of the things
  this Ogre told to me
Was of a dear friend
  you had to hear to see

“When we first met
  there were storms and clouds
Lost out in the sea
  Voices hushed by the shrouds”

“The only way I found him
  was cause his voice rang out
But as I drew nearer
  it wasn’t from a shout”

“He was laughing at the sky
  with his arms wide open
Barely giving a struggle
  A soft kick, his only token”

“How can you be carefree?
  I asked this feathered avian
To which he replied,
  “Because I am a favian.””

“He taught me to let go
  and not fight what we see
He taught me the way
  and how to be free

“I found I could let go
  of the driftwood I held
I found the two sides
  together I could meld”

“We found a beach
  and the out pulled the tide
As the sun scorched
  even the shadows couldn’t hide”

“And even then
  he still gave
    Everything he could
Many, many times
  I thought
    More than he should”

“He taught me to have heart
  and to always be a part
But he also showed to me
  not to give even a fart”

If you listen closely
  you can hear him in my laugh
Because I once stood next to
  the King of Gaff

Gaff (gaf) n. [ < OProv gaf or Sp gafa ] 1. a large hook
on a pole for landing fish 2. a spar supporting a fore and
aft sail – stand the gaff [Slang] to bear up well under
punishment, ridicule, etc.