They say the pen is mightier
  and I believe it’s true
But sometimes the decree
  don’t give the devil her due

The systems that be
  Do they really see?
Or is truth hard to find
  when we stay so blind

Tornadoes tearing asunder
  as the pen whirls and curls
“For the poor children”
  the paper shouts and hurls

Trees are uprooted
  Homes are misplaced
To say you help
  You should be disgraced

3 examples from loving fathers
  1 with his 3 and they won’t chase her
Myself who was there til just last Christmas
  And #3 whose love was called “Grooming Her”

Back in the tornado
  I remember from way before
Only back then
  it was from a smaller door

Now I watch the scene
  from another point of view
“Following fathers footprints”
  from mother was to be my first clue

And then the day
  when my sisters turned so blue
“The daughter I never had”
  from mother was clue number two

But this will have a happy ending
  I continued to say, pray and believe
Because I was there with Love
  and the Money they saw cannot deceive

So write with your pen
  Stamp me with your decree
Because I proved my stance
  and my children will always see

Leo Atreides