Do you know you’re different?
  I know I am too
But where to begin
  I have not a clue

To say you are a breath
  really means you’re a gust
And to see you smile
  dissolves away the rust

I wanted to try
  to sit and explain
Why I may bobble
  and why I refrain

It’s best to say blind
  even though I can see
And as for reality
  you must tell me

Misinterpreting signs
  stumbling through life
Will bring great laughs
  and other times strife

Your fading away
  It is just as I feared
For even though you smile
  your shine has disappeared

But it’s my lot
  a path I must take
Even though much
  I have to forsake

I don’t like to bother
  and I try not to stare
But sometimes adults
  and children I can scare

Because I’m a little different
  maybe a bit more than you
And Asperger Syndrome
  was to be my first clue
  Leo Atreides