There once was a lady                 
          I never met
                   Her inner peace
                             had just found a start
But I know
          I know her
                   She loved the whole world
                             I know from her heart

I heard one lady say
          "More Regal than the Royal"
"A commoner" one said
          "Her roots far in the soil"

She gave more than expected
          Like only few have done before her
Childrens cries filling her head
          Begging the world to search for a  cure

She never once thought
          that she was better
                   Even when she married
                             an older prince
Happiness she thought
          she finally found
                   Then came the stories
                             along with the hints

Loving her children
          Anyone could tell
‘Twas such a sad night
          when her world fell

She gave her warmth
          even when she wanted
                   to hide from the spotlight
But the telescopic eyes
          would not let anything
                   escape from their sight

Now she is gone
     but I know
          she will never be forgotten
She will grow
          in hearts and minds
                   in myth and legend

There will even be ditties
          sung to the children
                   to help them sleep
One tells
          of a lady drawing love
                   from a well so deep

          I’m not sure if it started
                   for two special children
                             before the fall
          in the end we know
                   it was a Crusade
                             for the children
                                      one and all

She  gave her soul
          to the world
                   with elegance
                             and flair
I’ll always find her
          in my heart
                   Deep eyes...
                             Golden hair...

       Princess you touched us
              like the sun
Queen of the hearts
                  You were the one

Leo Atreides