When I first heard about her
  I thought it was a myth or fable
Her shine was pure crystal
  and it shone from the middle

The best lessons taught
  from her true mother and father
The thinking they did
  helped make the sweetest little daughter

Graced with eternal youth
  and a voice from the heavens
If she were a gambling woman
  it would be coming up all sevens

Some cannot see
  and some may misunderstand
It’s her heart of gold
  why I give her such a hand

The feathers of a swan
  and at her feet
    little ducklings to behold
Sometimes people
  are more than blind
    Through actions we are told

And the best lessons she had
  that she gave me
    was that I always can choose
Which way to seek
  and how to help the meek
    from my friend Mama Goose

                             Leo Atreides