My Platform by Leo Atreides

Welcome, What began as a joke and as a marketing tool for "On The Spot" Chair Massage a few years ago has now transformed into something else. What exactly it is will still leave people wondering as you will some is serious and other parts are fun. But the best answer I can give is this is as close to the truth as I can get, whatever that is. I hope you enjoy the "what ifs" I have postulated here and please remember, not all is to be taken seriously as undoubtedly people will find many holes.

But one of the things that has stood out the most is the response from people. Not for me exactley, but for their concerns. There were so many topics and it just kept leaving me shaking my head in disbelief. An avalanche of problems and all the media can feed us is the latest problems of Lohan, Spears, or ....... But it is what we ask for, as the "Jerry Springer Show" celebrating 20 years might be a clue. This could be showing that we have basic wants and needs like gossip and drama but it could also show that we need distractions from the things we feel we cannot change as studies show that only 60% of registered voters go to the polls with the other 40% possibly dissilliusioned by the system they see. But I want to leave u with one big final "What If".

What if those 40% of registered non voting citizens finally all got together to make a stand and created a real third party. Would that help make the changes the world needs to take??

So again I will reiterate, please take this with a grain of salt and a pinch of sugar.

Leo Atreides

1. Free Monthly Massages for every New Mexico citizen.

This is more than just advertizing for "On The Spot" This is a culmination of not just personal experience suffering from debilitating back spasms that left me crawling for days but this is also from the problems I see with clients who are in the same boat. Waking up in pain, living with pain takes such a toll on the body, yet few have the time or resources to take care of themselves properly. That is the reason I try to educate clients on how to care for themselves at home and have even written a book towards this endeavor as well call "The Frugal Massage". It is a culmination of varying stretches and techniques that lean towards a less energetic approach towards yoga. That's also why it has intertwined with another name as well. Since "Pilates" is more energetic than yoga the name "Pilazyz" came about.

Joking aside now, I have to say that if a body that is not flowing and functioning properly that the possible repercussions are not just being in pain but can lead to disrupting vital and important functions. For example, I've seen extreme lockdown cause problems with digestion/elimination/acid reflux and a toxic system just creates more problems.

And not only would it help with aches and pains but I also believe it would reduce the "bottled up" effect that finally bursts leaving domestic violence in it's wake. Because it will not just stop men with their fists but also help women with the sharpness of their tongue as well.

And this will also include children as I have seen 12-14 year old children brought in by their mother or father that are showing signs of "Lockdown Mode". One client in particular was when a teenage told me after her treatment that she felt like she was in the body of a 60 year old lady.

This is my number one platform because your health is the most important thing that should concern you. Because without your health what do you really have?

2. Introduce the Siesta. No work from 12 to 2 pm.

All business would close with emergency services only. This would again help bring about a healthier lifestyle that I believe is needed today more than ever.

3. Alienz are coming. And they are good.

This is a fully blatant attempt to promote a new treat created called Alienz and to see if media hypnosis works into making you believe that they are good :)
But their goodness is not just my view but shared by many. You just have to try one to see....

4. Recycle

This is not just needed to considered and mulled over but we have to begin making changes now. And the most important part of this is educating yourself and your children to reduce and conserve as much as possible. Nobody wants to talk about ledge ahead of us but just look at the stories of glaciers disappearing, a swirling pool of plastic bits in the ocean twice the size of Texas, frogs missing legs or born with both male and female parts, the growing parts of dying ocean coming from what we put in the rivers, and finding chemicals in the most pristine of places.

I watched a video on utube that spoke of how things used to be back before the 1940's and it shows that people used to recycle to the Nth degree. We had land fills that grew at a minimal pace because so much was reused. For instance a glass bottle was used on average 40 times before being broken down and melted to be made into another bottle. Now we have everything in plastic that is inside of cardboard that is inside of plastic.

Another part of the recycling program would be to encourage restaurants to give price breaks to those who bring reusable containers to take home leftovers.

Also we would have contests and give awards and money to those with new innovative ideas on how something can be given a second life or be recycled. And those people would own the ideas that we would encourage into new business with incentives and loans.

5. Micheal and Diana Anti-Paparazzi Law

The thing that sickens me most is that Lady Diana asked for some privacy as her last request when she was involved in the car crash that took her life and she was denied even this small bit of dignity. I watched as the buzzards swirled around Micheal Jackson and how his life changed with just a whisper.

And I just think sometimes how they would have liked to have a place away from all that.....

6. Big Brother for Big Wigs

Here we have something that just makes sense. All public official would have to wear live feeds that could be viewed by their constituents at any time. No more making deals under the table or behind our backs.

7. Colloidal Silver and Cannabis for every Medicine Cabinet

Both are powerful tools of medicine to be utilized in countless of ways. Colloidal silver, a natural antibiotic, is shown to eradicate the largest array of sickness and problems than any other natural/man made antibiotics. Silver has been noticed as helpful from even back long ago by Kings and Queens when they noticed that food on their silver trays and containers stayed good for a longer period of time.

As for Cannabis, I have only to say listen to your own body when it comes to this question. We see the body is a self sufficient system that knows how to identify poisons and how it will attempt to rid the body of these harmful chemicals like Cocaine and Meth within a few days. But with cannabis the body stores and uses the cannabinoids for up to 30 days. I think that most things, in their natural form are more balanced with a variety of subtle chemicals that are not to be found in pharmaceutical pills. For example, they show that cocaine in its natural form is similar to a energizing drink that just gives a person a little extra energy for the days tasks.

8. Recycle everything we can.

I place this twice just to show how important this problem area is to me.

9. Bring back to aquifer water for our health.

With children being born with problems not to be discovered years later leads me to believe that we need to roll back chemical usage to about 20-30 years ago. From there we then begin to go over any new chemicals with a fine tooth comb and listen to any and all voices who have concern and possible evidence.

And I believe the idea to transfer over to filtered river water may have been just to help some politicians campaign funds and corporations who require pure clean water.


10. Reduce the power that Judges/Lawyers hold over the court system.

This will be done with a few small changes. First there would be "Laymans Law" where any citizen would be able to ask for simplification of the proceedings to be understood by the person(s) involved.

Also lawyers would not be allowed to speak in court as representative of the client. The client would only be able to get advice from the lawyer(s) sitting at their table. They would have to get up personally and present themselves to the court so that the truth would be more obvious to discover as we would see the clients demeanor and hear their plight/concerns in their own words.

And in the vein of reality shows we would allow the parties the ability to present their case to the public. On public access TV and the internet you would be able to present your case, in your own words, and would look to your true peers for advice and help. So instead of lawyers trying to fill 12 seats we have hundreds or thousands people giving their opinions and verdict.

I believe this would balance out the greed that permeates the system to such a degree that most people believe that without money Truth does not prevail.

11. Reduce the hold that Pharmaceutical companies, Doctors, and Insurance has over your health.

This can only be done by you. Educating yourself into the tried and true methods of old. One prime example is colloidal silver. The doctors will tell you not to take it cause you could turn blue like a smurf. No Pharmaceutical company can put a patent on it so it's basically something any company could make. Thus no one wants to spend the millions needed to see how effective this stuff really is when the other companies would profit as well

As for insurance I wouldn't know anything about it since I've never had any and would depend on my constituents to create a united voice to help address the problems here.

I would also promote the benefits of meditation and massage. One for the mind and one for the body

12. Rid the Ocean of Plastic

How do we get rid of so much plastic in the sea that there is a swirling vortex of sea twice the size of Texas that has 6 times more plastic than plankton in a cubic foot??

First we can help create a bill for the United States to enact that would require every state that eats fish to fund a special boat designed to pump and separate water from plastic to be sent to the problem area. And once we set the example then we can present this to the rest of the world. Those that are wise will join and help.

13. Build new shelters for those losing their homes.

With all the foreclosures on homes millions are being uprooted with little concern for their wellbeing I believe it should be a governments responsibility to seek ways of repairing the cracks in the system.

One idea, would be to buy a towering apartment building with an enclosed yard and use this specifically for women and children.

Another place would be for veterans to live together as a group for they are the most shunned but the most in need of help. This way their brothers would be right there for them.

And all those involved in the programs would also be involved in "HANO". This stands for the "Hand Up Not Out" program.

14. Change the Banking System by reintroducing JFK's executive order 11110.

This order was enacted just a few months before John F. Kennedy was assassinated. This is one of the reasons people believe he was really killed for. Some of the changes he was making was not liked by others. On previous page click on "JFK" to see more info.

15. Eliminate use of chemicals that mimic the hormones in our body.

When man made chemicals are being found in the most pristine parts of the world and frogs are being shown that are altered due to hormone-mimicking chemicals it raises my question of how much of this needs to accumulate before it begins affecting other animals. And how long from there to our children???

16. Change the corrupt systems that are like leeches on the body of Society.

I think we all agree that systems need checks and balances in order to work. But I do not agree that a system can hold the populace and government hostage demanding bailouts in order to survive. I believe that every system must create their own checks and balances in order to endure. It is the natural way of things. But right now we have too many systems feeding off the people without any concern for them but instead for the politicians or those in power.

We have so many systems in need of change that while in office I would incorporate the "Whistleblower Act" for citizens. I believe this is needed because it is only those involved that can truly see the problems that need to be addressed and the change that is going to work for the group as well. This act would help a person to build a new career or relocate to ensure no retribution befalls them.

17. No more government bailouts to large corporations.

Addressed in platform #16

18. Corporations will no longer own an invention produced by an New Mexican citizen.

No longer would corporations be able to own and suppress anything created by any citizen. We have all heard of the rumors of the corporation vaults holding inventions and new ideas that they believe would be harmful to their business. And we've heard of the stories of inventions taken by corporations and using all their money in the courts to overthrow justice because they have the money to draw out a battle into a long arduous war that most people cannot fight, much less win.

19. Rework the traffic system without Red light cameras and police no longer give tickets.

The traffic system is in much need of help. And to me personally I see the "Caterpiller Effect" as a major problem. This is when you see the traffic light turn green but it takes almost a minute before you move due to ths effect. I always think it would be so much more efficient if we all took off at the same time. Other times I look at the highways as as the veins and arteries of the city. If it gets clogged then things begin to break down as the highway is great if it's flowing but a pain and a half when it's not.

So here's how I would start. I would begin with eradication of Red light Cameras as we all know the money it makes is more important than safety it supposedly creates. Myself I see the stress levels raising in these intersections as we see people slamming on their brakes at a yellow light in turn almost causing an accident. Also I see how the normal traffic stop creates more harm than good. You have a disgruntled driver who has to sit and wait for the officer to do all their paperwork. And not only is this delaying the driver from their appointed destination but it is using vital time that the officer could be undertaking a more serious problem. So instead of delays we would instead have undercover video enabled cars that would be driven around the roads recording any infractions made. But this is only a temporary solution.

For the final vision would be where we would be upgrading our cars to be driven by computers for the majority of New Mexico citizens. Each car would have it's own computer that would only be able to "Talk" to the cars around it. It would be a simplified computer speak. It would not be allowed to record or report like conversations or present position without the consent of the driver.

20. Drunk Drivers and how to find balance.

This one would entail the joining/partnership to be created between bars and hotels. Bars would be required to work in conjunctions with hotels to offer accommodations close to the establishment. Upon entering a bar a person would place their keys in a small lockbox and receive a card. Upon leaving the person would only be able to obtain their keys if they pass a breathalyzer. Otherwise they would be given a ride to the hotel to sleep it off.

21. Help and Promote New Local Business

New Business are known to have high atrrition rate with many closing within the first year. To help balance this effort by good people trying to better their families lives I would give the last 6 months of the 1st year for the business to regain a strong foothold for the fledgling business.

Create a new label called a "Local Loop Food" with a arrows showing/educating the people on how keeping money in local business helps feed and cloth many around us. This would also work in co-ordination with the "Global Loop Group" showing corporations that are aware and responsible and are part of the cure.

22. Job Growth with Alienz and Bazooka Golf

First the serious and then the fantasy. Alienz have arrived and they are good!! This is a candy confection created with the help of the South Valley Economic Development Center. An organization that helps people with developing a personal business with their culinary treats. And the place is filled with wonderful people. From Richard and April, kitchen managers, and the front end with their help, to Bocodillos Cafe and the rest of the gang who work together at the kitchen you find that everyone is there to help each other and work together.

But I digress, as for the Alienz treat the vision for them is the see them created locally and sold to local business as well as to those corporations in the "Global Loop Group"Would also be involved in fundraising as a way to help others as well. Also envisioned is equal distribution of monies between the people/groups involved so as to sustain little or no profit at the end to help eradicate greed and coruption.

Now on to my fantasy idea. This idea would help bring in outside money to the economy because we would be the first to create and offer the sport called "Bazooka Golf"

Let me set the scene.... Your out in the desert sitting in a jeep with your friends enjoying the drive as you meander up and around dunes of sand and tufts of grass here and there. You turn off the engine to the quite of the desert and whisper of the winds. Far far above you hear the caw of a hawk as it circles above looking for a meager scrap or morsel to sustain it for another day. You look at the jeep console and see the monitor is pointing NE and saying 5 Meters away. Your friend gets out and begins searching the area, shovel in hand. "There it is" the other person on the roof of the jeep shouts just as you see the evident crater up ahead. You watch as he begins to dig and then comes up with a smile and a small ball in his hand....

You guys look at the monitor as it shows you the direction of the hole and other factors like wind, altitude, etc. Then the next person to shoot gets up on the roof and sits next to the tube that looks like a telescope almost. You see some wheels the adjust the level and pitch of the tube as well as a container that gives you as many pellets of gunpowder you think you need. You pour the pellets in the appropriate funnel and load the ball into the tube. After everything is to your satisfaction you begin the count down and go back under to the safety the 2 inch steel roof provides and wait with the others to watch the monitor. 5...4...3...2...1..... BOOM!!

Then some watch the monitor the ball with it's GPS locater as it shows on screen the action in real time as others watch with binoculars as the ball leaves a smoke trail.

And then at the end of the hole you find that there is still small patch of green and everyone then uses their own colored balls to race to the finish. So instead of everyone waiting for the other person to finish you have a timer that counts down and then everyone shoots at the same time. This will be fun because as you get closer to the whole people can then utilize their expertise to knock others out of the hole in the race for first place.

This is Bazooka Golf. A game that everyone will talk about and want to try at least once....

23. "Let a child play at the park" program

This one is simple, easy, and basic. Install cameras at the parks with live feeds availble on the internet for parents giving them the the ability to keep an eye on their kid(s)

24. Global Warming Answer

To create large spheres of frozen carbon dioxide called "Dry Ice" to be shot out into space. Once out there an aquiring vessel will then split up the sphere into two halves and then place them in an aligned orbit with the multiple others placed to allow the cooling temperatures necessary for the reformation of glaciers and the Artic Ice Shelf.


What's left to say.....

After investigation of many areas over the years I have come to the conclusion that many systems run off of basis of fear and clogging the truth with shit. They end up putting down the other side to help their profits/goals. This is the case with colloidal silver as well as with cannabis and a multitude of other time proven answers. It seems to be used in the churches fighting other religions instead of seeing them as brothers from another mother and this creates hate and violence and war and genocide. And this separates us from others with different views and thus I believe this leads to the eventual discourse of the system.

And last but not least, let me say this. I am Crazy but I'm not Stupid. I know this will not lead to my election as governor. I don't believe any one person can change the system no matter how much power they have. Whatever changes he/she makes will eventually bow down to what the common people want. All we have to do is realize that without us the machine does not work. Without our money to grease the cogs the machine will become rusted. And the machine will do what what every other system has to do to survive. It must adapt to the world around it. And maybe, one day, we will find the balance that is needed and required to ensure that not just a few, but all of us, will live in harmony and understanding with a better flow of knowledge.

Sincerely yours,

Leo Atreides