You ask for me to describe who Lillith is
  I don’t know much but this I can tell you

She’s the friend you had when you were a kid
  The one only you could see
She’s the one who always smiled from across the playground
  yet when you went looking for her
    she was nowhere to be found

Children are closer to her cause they still remember
  The words that she spoke to them from before they were born

When Lillith whispers in your ear
  you hear the ocean and the birds
When you smell her hair
  you smell the beautiful fragrance of some flower that’s not been discovered
Her touch is firm and strong
  yet with a gentleness that allows your body to surrender with trust
She’ll hold you in her arms to help ease the pain
  yet she won’t stand by to watch you wallow in self-pity

Be prepared when you look into her eyes
  For there, you will see the light of a thousand stars
    You will see the beginning of time
And if you look closely
  you’ll see that you were there
    dancing with Lillith

She is not perfect
  yet she is always improving
She thinks not beautiful
  yet she truly is
Of speaking
  she does little
    yet she’s told me more than most
When she walks
  it is done effortlessly
    yet some swear that she never touches the ground

Some say she’s gone
  yet she has been there all along

Outwardly she appears cool and calm
  yet you can feel the fire and warmth
    that radiates from deep down inside

Some search for eternity
  and never find her
    yet she can find you in a heartbeat

When I demand her love
  I receive none
yet when I hug myself
  her hands are over mine

Lillith, I know you exist
  because I’ve seen the people you’ve touched
I can’t remember your face
  yet I know what you look like

I’ve seen your eyes
  when I see a baby laugh with joy
I’ve felt your arms
  when my daughter hugs me
I’ve heard your laugh in the crowd
  as the sound fades away into the night
I’ve heard you sing to me
  as I cross over from what is real to what is a dream

I’ve heard your words
  in the whisper of the falling rain
The chirping of baby birds
  The wind blowing through the trees
    The songs you helped to create

She has compassion for all
  the good and the bad
    for she judges no one
You search for the place where she lives
  then she shows that you’ve been there all along
She tries to help make you whole
  needing no others to fill in any areas
    so that you may learn how to be truly free
She’ll bring you the lessons you need to learn
  and she’ll bring back the ones you didn’t find
    the right answer to

Lillith is my friend and she always will be
  This I know deep down inside you see
    Because whenever I cry, she cries with me

I know that I will see you again
  even if I were not to see you for the rest of my life
You told me we would be together for one last dance
  and you’ve never lied to me

“Please be honest with me.”
  was the only thing I asked for
You gave me so much more
  I can only hope I gave back as much

Now Lillith is here to sing her songs
  To touch a place that only she can touch

So if you happen to run into Lillith
  Will you tell her that I’m thinking of her
    Will you tell her I’ll see her soon
                        If only
                for one last dance

Leo Atreides