Leo Atreides
Albuquerque, NM

Born August 7th, 1968 with the given name of Alvin Larry Padilla to the parents of
Willie and Maria Padilla in Hereford, Texas inheriting the name Alvin from his godfather Alvin Hewitt. Father left at age 7 after one explosive night that left windows broken and the police escorting his father away never to be seen during childhood again. His mother, categorized as a "wire mother monkey" by Harry Harlow ended up doing more harm to the children but due to the courts favoring mothers she was given custody of the children.

The middle of five siblings. An older brother(Wayne),and sister(Delma) and two
younger(Donna and Marisa). The names have changed over the coarse of several years due to a variety of reasons. The changes began with Wayne to Roberto then finally to Rob after he developed Schizophrenia and insisted to be called by those names at those times. Then sisters began using middle names and Marisa began to be known as Cici due to the nieces and nephews.

Larry moved to Albuquerque at age 17 after being ensnared in a crooked drug raid in Hereford for delivery of 1/4 ounce of marijuana. He ended up paying with not only a 5 year probation and $5000 fine but ended up paying with another 5 years and $5000 as well as a 90 day stint in the new "Boot Camp for Criminals" campaign upon failing a urine test after 4 years of probation.

It is in Albuquerque that most of his family came to end up living at thru the years and it is here that Larry became Leo and had his two children, Kendra and Alec. It is also here that Leo learned that he had a talent for Massage Therapy and became certified/licensed and continued with as a career.

He never married the mother, Joyce Miller, but they lived together for the first formative years of the children and then after maintained equal custody of the children with the children staying in the same school and staying with each parent for 2 weeks out of the month for many years after. This continued on for many years with Leo describing his refrigerator to be like the moon. Stocked and full the day before the kids arrived And when the kids left there were leftovers that got slowly eaten away til there was just beer and baking soda left.

It is during this time, before the birth of his son, that Larry went to court to legally change his name to Leo Atreides. He described it as starting at ground zero, with a whole new name and a new path as well. A time to remove the old dead wood and begin with new growth. A time to be the father he never had. A chance to give to his children all the things he dreamt a father should do and be. But in all his wildest nighmares he never dreamt he would marry his mother. His sisters tried to tell him but by then it was already too late....

Leo was by far a rich man but he was altruistic as many of his friends can attest and as is also evident in his writings and art. Unable to understand the pervasive mode for decadence and waste prevalent in today's society he began to make a stand. For mother earth, for unwanted children, for global warming as well as overpopulation. He began to see what Human Beings were doing to the planet, in the name of free enterprise, in the name of capitalism, and in the name of God and he was ashamed to call himself human.

He began to lose trust and faith in humanity and in people around him as he saw that systems around him and saw how they were designed ultimately to deter and discourage the common people from freeing themselves from the chains they had willingly or allowed others to put upon them.

Doctors began to betray their oaths by accepting money and gifts from the pharmaceutical companies. And people followed them blindly. Now we see lawyers on TV asking "Did u take this and screw up your health/life? Well now you can sue". And by then it's already too late, quality of life is gone. So now commercials for new drugs have the "shyster car dealer" soft mumbling mentioning a long list of negative effects. So, people are still dying but now they can't do anything in court?

We watch as compassion and kindness has to run and hide under the Righteous troops as they make the world in their image and their image only. Teachers can no longer give a hug without fear of reprimand or suspicion. We have created so much stranger danger that kids don't even trust their own parents and are willing to believe a psychobabbilist when he tells them they were molested as children and were involved in satanic rituals even without a single shred of evidence.

Trust has now become a comodity in a world where most people have two faces. And the ones that do the best are those with the ability to lie/act like they are concerned. Is that why actors are able to cross so easily in the political realm?

In a world where truth has erroded to such a degree that a recent poll showed that the majority of people don't believe what they see and hear from the media and news. What are we going to be left with when all we see is greedy corporations feeding off the people like cattle or sheep. Taking their employees ideas as their own and sucking the years out of people in months to get the most bang for the buck. And then when you have nothing left to offer they turn their back and take back promises.

This is the New Age. The Age of Ladders for just a few and Chutes for all the rest.