Leo Atreides LMT # 1424

Over the years Leo has developed a technique which incorporates a lot of the deeper modalities into a slow glacier-like approach that allows the muscles to relax and accept the pressure. He is also able to adjust this towards the lighter side of massage giving a gentle yet effective treatment as well.

After a tree fall at a young age Leo became prone to bouts of spasms that could drop him to the floor with a cough or the wrong twist with the only effective cure would be days of bedrest.

Upon going to school for massage therapy he came across the antagonist/protagonist effect that showed that the true problem was usually hidden in different areas than where the pain was.

It was with this in mind that Leo wrote a book called "The Frugal Massage" trying to help others that were in the same predicament. Below are some of the symptoms.

Are your muscles in "Lock Down" mode ??

Some Symptoms are :
Fatigue - Burnt out halfway through the day.

Concentration - Foggy or muddled and forgetting things.
Irritability - Fuse is shorter. Overreactive.
Sleep - Short / Waking up in pain. (Don't blame the bed)
Digestion - Bloating,unresponsive and meals can hurt.

Chest tightness - Unable to take a full breath.

First you have to realize that there is no miracle cure. That in order to stay in balance you need to create and maintain a regiment of stretches and focus
to help keep yourself out of pain.

You can order the book online-

The Frugal Massage

Leo is taking a small hiatus to recuperate and find balance with his own pains at this time. He hopes to be back soon...