I don’t know why
  Do you have a clue
Why do we live
  In such a zoo

So many walls
and so full of bars
  But it was not until
   We all met Harry
That we saw the real
 true reasons
  of who was to suffer
    and who was to marry

People still hate him
 for the things he revealed
    and placed a spotlight on
Things that weren’t true
  said colleagues and the past
    Others crying of the harm done

His cruelty to monkeys
  His writing lacks empathy
Where is the love ?
  Where is the sympathy ?

But if you talk to his co-workers
  Hurting monkeys
    was not his quest
He searched for the keys
  To help the souls lost
     put pain to rest





For each monkey has
  a million followers
   walking to his drum
Showing the simplistic
    Was where they came from

Wire monkeys showing no tenderness
  Keeping their babies at bay
Babies self-rocking in desperation
  crying don’t turn my love away

A Wire monkey
showing no tenderness
  and offering food galore
The other monkey offered
 warmth and a hug
   but nothing more

Some babies got choices
  others the deck unfair
Some had only the wire
 Eyes wide in despair

Feeding the body
  But not the heart
Is what will rip
  fragile minds apart

The mother-child bond
  imprints ripples for life
Devoid of hugs and love
  creates turmoil and strife


More than just sadistic
  creating the Pit
    Harry searched for the key
To bring the lost back
  from the brink
    To learn to be free

Coming to watch
  As things transpire
Feeding the flames
  Watching the fire

And Harry found an answer
  on the other side of the spectrum
But when you really look
  it wasn’t much of a conundrum

He called them super
  they had more hugs to give
Bringing the lost back
  helping show how to live

A little understanding
  was all that was required
To know what love is
  was all that was desired

If it wasn’t for Harry
  who knows where we would be
    without this Mad Hatter
For he fought the world
  when all the world said
    love didn’t matter

Harry Harlow 1905-1981

Leo Atreides