Hard Snow

I met a young boy
      such a long time ago
Daring feats of strength
      with a heave and a ho

The shine in his eyes
      was only a part
As one felt the warmth
      from down in his heart

Showing me the world
      could sometimes be funny
He gave many gifts
      worth far more than money

I’ll be forever grateful
      for the lessons he taught
And forever sorry
      for those I learned not

A sight that I know
      I’ll always remember
He called the four winds
      and brought them together




The winds soon embraced
      together as one
And then they began
      to reach for the sun

And clear as a church bell
      another time to remember
When they gave me a prize
      Something I did not enter

I remember sitting still
      as we looked all around
Searching for the other me
      but he couldn’t be found

Then I saw him
      with a smile on his face
Telling me the truth
      That this was his place

Showing me
      that I have a dear friend
A bond that will last
      and has no end



Something which a cost
      will not have a part
Is when he gave me
      the key to his heart

And of all the things
      that he gave to me
The one I cherish most
      is this one that was free

Let me tell you of one
      who is truly a man
As he follows the Way
      As he follows the Plan

I met a young boy
      such a long time ago
Helping carry our house
      through the long hard snow

Because of a father that was
      We wouldn’t recognize him today
Stealing a little boys dreams
      Childhood fades away

With a look in his eyes
      and his fingers curled
Upon a little boys back
      sat the whole wide world

Leo Atreides