A Glimpse

I sit waiting . . .
      Waiting for . . .
            Seeking just a glimpse

Of a Place once seen
      A Place one felt
            from deep inside

Man need only to ask
      the right question
            to see the true answer

Look to the children
      For they have answers
            without knowing questions

The children ask
      with their eyes
            and no words

Why don’t they know
      Doesn’t it show
All from clay
      Part of the whole




Cutting off the world
      is something one does
                  to themselves

Afraid of the sky
      Afraid of the heat
Too afraid to fly
      Afraid of defeat

All curled up in your burrow
      Looking out the window
            of the world
Watching the world turn
      without you in it

It feels safer that way
      Watching others make-believe
Even when we’re told it’s the truth
      When we’re told it’s the news

And when we ask
      the right questions
            We’ll find the right answers

And only by standing guard
      will our treasures
            come to pass

Watching the children
      and the animals
            Or even a blade of grass

Leo Atreides