Calvin Pool

This games involves a pool table and a bunch of friends. Alcohol is optional.

Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes where a Sunday strip showed them playing a game that included a football, some croquet wicks and the field ranged from the backyard to the forest and fields. All during the strip they said nothing til the very end. Calvin looks to the reader and says " The thing I like about Calvin Ball the best, is that the rules are never the same twice.

So with that in mind you will play the game with regular rules except one. Whenever a person misses their shot and it's the next persons turn he/she gets to tell the next person how they must shoot to try to make the ball in. After shooting the first shot in the way asked, if he/she makes it, they get to continue to play regularly after that.

Some ways can be behind the back, under the leg, or with your eyes closed. The more imaginative you and your friends are, the more fun the game..