Better Business Bureau is a Sham

Just a non-profit that makes some of the top people over $100,000 in bonuses each year. And will give anyone willing to pay over $400 an A+ on their scale when people like Wolfgang Puck, a top chef, gets an F rating.

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FDA no longer protecting public??

It has been suspected and speculated that the FDA is more or less just a puppet for Pharmaceutical Companies.... Evidence is coming out about the tainted wipes that killed a 2 year old child showing they knew about the problem as early 2009.

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It began with the Haliburton corporation, a new way to drill and extract natural gas that was unattainable at that point. The basics are a hole is drilled to deposits locked up with natural gas. Water and chemicals are then poured in at high pressures and explosions are created to begin fracturing the area. Thus releasing the natural gas to be extracted back up the hole with the water. Also created was new drilling technology allowing for
wells to take 90 degree turns into rich shale. This also allows for many multiple tunnels from one hole.

It takes 2 to 10 million gallons of water for this process. And of the water only half is reclaimed to sit in sludge ponds to evaporate while the other half remains in the ground.

Was the Haliburton connection to political members the reason the Clean Water Act excluded these companies from disclosing the chemicals they are pouring down the holes??

Tests now show that toxic metals are binding to the hydrocarbons, a compound of natural gas. The list includes Uranium, barium, chromium, zinc, and arsenic. Not to mention the release of methane in the water table making the water undrinkable and dangerous. Youtube videos shows water coming out a faucet as a flame is brought near it. It turns into a flame thrower spewing flames in to the sink.

A Cornell University study weighed all the factors of hydro fraking compared to coal and found that fracked gas is dirtier than coal. Especially with it's release of methane which is a green house gas many times worse than CO2.

Some areas are starting to have seismic activity in places that have no history of earthquakes. And some states are now starting to suspend activity till further studies are done to see the full impact this is having on local water and lives dependent on that water.

Where are we going with this?
How far will we allow our demands for energy to take us??
And what kind of world will we be leaving for our childrens' children???

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